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SEO Services

If you have a company website but have not had any Search Engine Optimization done to it then you are essentially hiding your website from the entire online world. Today’s professionals and businesses must avail of SEO services for their websites to ensure that potential customers can find them online. Our SEO Company in Edmonton SMRT Marketing can help get your website in front of your local market… which will result in more customers and increase your bottom line.

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SEO, What Is It?

Search engine optimization is a systematic process developed to get the placement of your website on the first page of search results in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By achieving first page rankings your company will be found by your potential customers when they search online for your business brand and/or products and services that you offer.

Does Your Company Need SEO?

Every business needs leads that they can convert to customers. Surveys show that search engine optimization receives the highest level of importance as a source for business leads by gaining a grade of 94%. This method beat out other popular online sources such as social media with (85%), emails with (79%), and blogs with only (68%). Studies also found that the conversion rate of leads was directly proportionate to the level of SEO being implemented by a company. For instance, if a company begins with an entry level or basic SEO service they can expect about a 2% conversion rate, but if they invest in a more advanced SEO service that conversion percentage will jump to an average of 10%.

You need SEO to improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic! This will in turn Boost your leads and sales and grow your business! Get an SEO package now!

Why Do We Focus On Google?

SMRT Marketing’s SEO methods have strict adherence to Google’s recommendations. Today, 91% of the online population use search engines frequently, and Google is the dominant player in the industry with a staggering 66.80% market share. If you dominate Google, you’ll dominate the search rankings. If you rank well on Google your customers will find you.

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White Hat SEO – The Sustainable Process

Our SEO methods differ from other freelancers and agencies. SMRT Marketing uses only “white hat” strategies to achieve your top search engine rankings. All of the major search engines like Google hate “black hat” or dubious optimization efforts such as spamming, keyword stuffing, and cloaking. Furthermore, our methodologies abide by the latest Google algorithm updates, such as Penguin and Panda updates. This is a very important aspect you will want to consider when you are selecting a company to do your search engine optimization in Edmonton. Our “white hat” methods ensure that your placement will maintain its strength during future algorithm changes.

What We Do – SEO Services

As a world class Edmonton SEO company we utilize the application of complex guidelines and adept techniques in the design, architecture, coding, content, promotion, and linking of your website. We start the process with intelligent research on the most relevant keywords or search queries that your potential customers would type into the search bar of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. And we combine that with an in-depth consultation with our client so we know and understand their business and their marketing goals.

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