The Numerous Advantages of Effective Internet Marketing in Edmonton

Professional internet marketing in Edmonton is rapidly supplanting traditional media in advertising and promotion of companies and their product brands. Indeed, there are distinct qualities to online marketing that sets it apart from everything else. Patrick Murphy, in his article for, highlights the gathering power of online marketing trends:

Online marketing, advertising and sales are growing so quickly they’re threatening the established media, making it reassess its approaches and fight for its life. “Digital engagement” offers new possibilities, but taking advantages of them “requires a twist to the entire corporate mindset.”

The prevalence of internet promotions makes good sense in a now-predominantly digital age where online searches for information comprise a considerable part of virtually everyone’s daily routine. Let’s count other ways why more businessmen are turning to internet marketing to attract leads and increase their customer base:

the foundations of digital and online marketing

Cost effectiveness. Using traditional media for promotions is pricier compared to exploiting online marketing. For starters, an online company need not have to stress over recurring costs on property rental and maintenance. A company could just feature its products or services on its website and let the visitors or potential customers browse to their heart’s content.

Personalization and relationships. Internet marketing allows a company to personalize product and service offers based on a specific consumer’s purchasing profile, which would indicate his or her transaction history and personal preferences. After each closed deal, the company can also build better rapport with customers by sending follow-up emails either to confirm receipt of the item, or to thank the customer for the purchase.

Wide reach and added consumer traffic. Products marketed online can virtually reach out to every corner of the globe where there is sufficient network connection. Companies can sell goods in any part of the country or overseas without having to set up local outlets, allowing for a much wider market reach. An effective search engine optimization of Edmonton business website content increases the company’s visibility in the major search engines.

24-hour availability. Online stores can stay open round the clock. A well-designed webpage with advanced features may enable customers to place job orders immediately, at any time. Ease of navigating your website—from browsing product information to placing orders—opens the opportunity for your business to potentially earn a never-ending stream of profit.

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(Source: The Foundations of Digital and Online Marketing,, May 4, 2014)