Let an Edmonton Internet Marketing Firm Help You Dominate Your Market!

Arguably, the biggest benefit that internet marketing provides is that it levels the playing field between small businesses and large enterprises. According to Mark Cerminaro, a financial expert and contributor to the independent business information website Firmology, the name of the game in marketing nowadays is the quality of a website’s content, not how much clout companies have with their customers and peers. This means that even the smallest company can come out on top, if they give their customers exactly what they want to see in their website:

Internet Marketing

Small businesses have the potential to use their content to maintain open lines of communication with their customers. Whether this is by providing valuable how-tos or detailed white papers, there are a lot of opportunities to solve a lot of problems. This is also a chance for you to listen closely to their feedback and respond accordingly.

Content marketing can be the cornerstone of a strong online campaign. It simply requires a careful approach and the willingness to engage with your customers.

Of course, achieving this feat is easier said than done, especially if the company in question isn’t keeping up with their customer base, let alone if they don’t know if their website needs a content overhaul or not. Thankfully, these concerns can be addressed with the help of seasoned experts, like those from SMRT Marketing, a renowned agency for internet marketing in Edmonton, Alberta. Through them, even a small company has a chance of dominating the market through pay-per-click ads, social media marketing campaigns, optimized website design, and the like. However, internet marketing isn’t as simple as creating a website and churning out content every day in the hopes of garnering online attention.

The quality of website content has to be taken into account because search engines like Google look for ‘relevance’ and ‘uniqueness’ in every article, blog, news story, and other content types seen in websites. Websites that meet these criteria rank better in search results pages, thus increasing their likelihood of receiving more visits or ‘hits’. To demonstrate, a website that sells skiing equipment should have content pertaining to industry-related words like ‘skis’, ‘snow’, and ‘winter sports’. This is known as search engine optimization or SEO.

Search engines also look for quality content in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, if a company is currently running their own social media marketing campaign, it’s in their best interest to work with a renowned Edmonton SEO company so that every Tweet or Facebook status message they have is also unique and industry-related. A company’s size wouldn’t matter once they start dominating the Internet and getting better feedback from their customers.

(Source: Internet Marketing 101: Content Marketing, Firmology, July 24, 2014)